after i released my redux edit a lot of people asked me where i find backgrounds and the best place to find them is masterposts so heres a masterpost of my favorite background masterposts

also let me add most of them are max bg

also heres a couple of winter/christmas themed ones


haru redux edit by tetralyte

static previews: .01 .02 | codes

haha i made ano the r redux edi t (poses) Sorry 


  • 250px centered posts
  • 6 color options
  • a top picture
  • an extra hover description on the top picture
  • 5 extra links
  • a favicon
  • show/hide tags
  • option for tiled background or maximized background

enjoy the theme and if you have any questions please ask off anon


Sweet Princess redux edit by heiwajima

preview 1 / preview 2: space princess / codes


  • 400px posts
  • rounded corners option on posts and sidebar
  • transparent option on posts and sidebar
  • pagination
  • show / hide tags
  • drop down navigation menu
  • top banner/border
  • footer background pattern on hover

IMPORTANT: When uploading a banner/border image, make sure to check the HEIGHT of the image you pick and type it on ‘Banner Image Height’ to ajust it properly. As an example, in preview one, the height of the lacy top border uploaded was 48px, so in the Banner Image Height I typed ‘48’. If you don’t do that, your banner might look a bit weird.

This is the first time I publish a redux edit/theme in general, so I’m still not that good on these things… I hope you can play with it and enjoy it, though! If you have any questions ask here and I’ll try my best to answer them. Have a good day!


simple cute redux

by nnadoka // live preview x // code

this is my first theme, it’s a super simple redux edit. it has very little customization features but i decided to upload it because i thought it looked pretty cute!

  • background color
  • custom sidebar
  • no shadows/flat
  • 400px posts
  • lace border
  • add <center> to your description
  • use 200x200+ sidebar image
  • keep description short (optional; imo i think it looks nicer)

i apologize in advance since i haven’t used css/html in a while (i’m relearning it r/n; this was kind of a testing theme). so there will probably be some bugs;; the theme’s super simple but i think it’s pretty cute! i hope you like it!!



reminder that there’s a con checklist


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hey you should watch/ listen to kagepro

kagerou project/ heat- haze project/ kagepro is a series of songs by Shizen no Teki-P, who is also known as Jin. The story revolves  around the Mekakushi Dan (メカクシ団, lit. “Blindfold Gang”), a group of teenagers with unusual powers, dubbed Eye Abilities. thanks wiki

basically a bunch of vocaloid songs that go in a series/story about these kids. it is kind of fucked up and you should watch it

the main series  (the good end)

1. jinzou enemy / 2. mekakushi code / 3. kagerou days / 4.  headphone actor / 5. kuusou forest / 6. konoha’s state of the world ( this one goes along with kagerou days) / 7. toumei answer / 8. kisaragi attention / 9. children record ( this is the opening of the series)  / 10. yobanashi deceive / 11. ayano’s happiness theory / 12. lost time memory / 13. otsukimi recital / 14. yuukei yesterday / 15. summertime record ( the end )

then there’s the bad end

outer science / mary’s fictional world ( this one brings us back to a somewhat not as bad ending )

then there’s extra songs still important just not part of the main series

ene no dennou kikou / gunjou rain / shinigami record / dead and seek / shounen brave

other stuff

kagerou project is also has a  manga adaption. i personally recommend reading the manga after the songs, bc i think the manga is good for giving more details and tying all of the songs together.

theres gonna be an anime adaption so look out for that

if you get confused because it is easy to do that, the kagerou project wiki is really good and has descriptions of the songs and stuff

kagepro is a really good series and i hope u all listen to it and love it



I’m so happy I finally got my QR sewing machine in Able Sisters today! Here is my first High Fashion New Leaf clothing pattern. It’s a dress that I really love from Balmain’s pre-fall 2012 collection. 

Let me know if you like it, or used it!  

I think I’ll try to do at least one of these a week, so check back for more soon!


helix theme by piikmin

features ;

  • animated navigation;
  • photo effects;
  • two post sizes;
  • infinite scroll;
  • scrolling description;
  • and more.

live preview // the code, info, and list of features are under the cut.

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Flower breeding.


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